About Us at Parsons House Cypress in Cypress, Texas

About Our Community 

Parsons House Cypress is a family-owned community for seniors in Cypress, Texas. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, home-like atmosphere where all residents feel welcome, supported, and at ease. Every day, we strive to offer the best life-enhancing wellness amenities for our residents, so they can live an active lifestyle to the best of their abilities. 

We also provide affordable senior living options as part of our mission to offer seniors unconditional love and opportunities for personal growth. From assisting with the activities of daily living to encouraging seniors to explore their independence on a daily basis, our highly skilled care associates are here to meet residents needs with a kind smile and a gentle touch.

Parsons House Cypress


15055 N Eldridge Pkwy Cypress, TX 77429

Residents gathering together at Parsons House Cypress in Cypress, Texas

Our Mission

We Serve Our Elders
We Offer Unconditional Love
We Nurture Personal Growth
We Celebrate Life
We Make a Difference

Our Culture Statement

As a company, you can clearly see our strength and desire to always serve our elders. From employees to residents, we find a way. As employees you'll find us motivated and fun, encouraging and kind, and warm as the sun. We are committed to giving the best that we can. We work as a team with a knowledgeable plan. Our residents are cared for with love and respect. They are the heart of our community and our family. They are engaged, valued, and wanted, with great unity. Come into our doors – it’s inviting and cheerful, friendly, spacious, and peaceful. At Parsons House Cypress, you'll find your place. 

Interested in learning more about life at Parsons House Cypress? Join us for a complimentary tour. We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome Home to Parsons House Cypress